College Assemblies

College Assemblies are part of the College General Education Programme. It is non-credit bearing. Full-time undergraduate students of Shaw College are required to attend at least THREE (1 in-person and 2 via Zoom) College Assemblies each term to fulfill the attendance requirement.

Students, who due to travel restrictions, are unable to return to Hong Kong during term time should seek prior approval through email for attending all 3 College Assemblies via Zoom.

Unless otherwise stated, College Assemblies are held at 11:30 am - 1:00 pm on Friday.

In 2021/22 academic year, the following Assemblies will be held:

Term 1

Date / Venue Theme Language Speaker
10 Sep 2021
Sir Run Run Shaw Hall & via Zoom
Inauguration Assembly
Cantonese* College Head, Dean of Students, Dean of General Education, Chairman of Student Union Executive Committee
08 Oct 2021
Shaw College Lecture Theatre & via Zoom
Enhancing Resilience: The 7-Well Approach
Cantonese* Professor LEUNG Yiu-kin Freedom
29 Oct 2021
Shaw College Lecture Theatre & via Zoom
Why do we study philosophy in troubled times?
Cantonese* Corrupt the Youth

02 Nov 2021 (Tuesday)
Shaw College Lecture Theatre
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

How do art and culture face the current time?
Cantonese Mr. CHOW Kwun-wai Kiwi, Director of "Beyond the Dream"
05 Nov 2021
Shaw College Lecture Theatre & via Zoom
The road of tech startup from CUHK
A life of serendipity. Does it matter?
Cantonese* Mr. KUO Wai-keung and Dr. SIN Ngai-chuen, "Star of Shaw" Awardees 2020
26 Nov 2021
Shaw College Lecture Theatre & via Zoom
Reading the mind of the writer: what a literary work conveys to you and causes you to imagine
Cantonese* Mr. CHAN Chi-kian Edward
03 Dec 2021
Shaw College Lecture Theatre & via Zoom
A conversation with Chow Yiu-fai
Cantonese* Dr. CHOW Yiu-fai

* Simultaneous interpretation will be provided for non-Cantonese speakers

For attendance to be counted, participants of College Assemblies must register in advance online via the Registration and Attendance System. Click here for details.

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