Why Support?

Shaw College aims to cultivate students' virtue and pursuit of knowledge. The College devotes to providing its students with opportunities for whole-person development and nurturing them to become future leaders with a soul and a heart. We hope to raise funds and invest more resources to support the long-term development of the College.

Student development

Shaw College organizes various student development programmes every year, including overseas learning trips, exchange programmes, community services, work experience programmes, mental wellness and emotional support, etc.

  • Overseas learning tripsOverseas learning trips
  • Exchange programmesExchange programmes
  • Make a Wish SchemeMake a Wish Scheme
  • Community servicesCommunity services

College development

In order to provide the best learning environment to our students, Shaw College while working on upkeeping existing facilities, is also planning the construction of a new hostel.

  • New student hostelDesign of new student hostel
  • Shaw College Lecture TheatreShaw College Lecture Theatre

Scholarships and bursaries

Shaw College has established a number of scholarships, praising and encouraging student to strike for excellent performance in different areas. Financial assistance is provided to needy students, hoping that students will not have financial pressure while pursuing their study.

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Ms. Anna LAU / Ms. Winnie HO
Tel: 3943 7360 / 3943 7367
Email: annalau@cuhk.edu.hk / wyho@cuhk.edu.hk