Hostel Life

The College believes that being a hostel resident is all about an experience, it is more rather than a place of resident. The College strives to make student hostels as a safe, comfortable and supportive home for students.

Resident Associations and resident tutors organize a wide range of activities from time to time such as festival celebration parties, farewell activities for graduates, workshops, social gatherings, etc. Through active participation in the activities, students can improve their leadership and organization skills by organizing events, develop stronger interpersonal and communication skills by exchanging with other residents from different cultural backgrounds. Student hostels are also places to establish friendship with other students and staff members, who can become family members away from home.

  • Hostel LifeKou Mou Hall Festival (Kou Mou Hall)
  • Hostel LifeSoap Making Workshop (Kou Mou Hall)
  • Hostel LifeWelcome Dinner (Kou Mou Hall)
  • Hostel LifeBBQ Gathering (Kou Mou Hall)
  • Hostel LifeCooking Competition (Student Hostel II)
  • Hostel LifeWelcome Dinner (Student Hostel II)
  • Hostel LifeAnniversary Celebration (Student Hostel II)
  • Hostel LifeBBQ Gathering (Student Hostel II)
  • Hostel LifeResident Gathering
  • Hostel LifeWelcome Party for Exchange Students

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