Exchange Programme

The College started to establish student exchange programmes with overseas tertiary institutions in 1990. The programmes provide students with opportunities to challenge themselves to see things from a new perspective, to rediscover themselves, their city and culture from a global stage; and to hopefully, when they return, contribute to cultural integration in the College.

  • Exchange ProgrammeMeet new people from diverse backgrounds
  • Exchange ProgrammeExpose to a new educational culture
  • Exchange ProgrammeAccept new challenges
  • Exchange ProgrammeLearn new academic and interpersonal skill

Exchange Programmes 2023/24

Application period for Shaw College Exchange Programmes 2023-24:
19 October 2022 (Wed) – 15 November 2022 (Tue) 23:59

Application guidelines and forms (Updated on 12 January 2023)

Placement Results

Exchange Partners

In 2023/24, the College has developed exchange programmes with the following universities in worldwide:


Selected students of exchange programmes would be invited by the College to apply for scholarships for exchange programmes. A total of 77 students were awarded each with a scholarship of HK$10,000 to participate in an overseas exchange programme in 2022/23. In 2023/24, 80 scholarships will be awarded to students (HK$10,000 each). 20 out of 80 scholarships will ONLY be awarded to students participating in College Exchange Programmes.

Selected students with financial difficulties may also apply for the College Exchange Programme Bursary and Loan Scheme in January/February. The value of each bursary for outgoing exchange students in 2022/23 ranged from around HK$8,670 to HK$25,420 depending on the financial need of the applicants.

The College reserves the right to terminate and/or claim repayment of the subsidy, scholarship or any financial aid to students should the students withdraw from the exchange programme, or have failed to complete the exchange programme.

Additionally, the Office of Academic Links provides student exchange financial aid and scholarship scheme (FASS), please visit the OAL website for details.


Ms. Iris NG / Ms. Jessica CHAN
Tel: 3943 7362 / 3943 4281