Board Room (Wen Lan Tang LG202)
Classrooms (Wen Lan Tang LG204)
Multi-purpose Activity Rooms (Wen Lan Tang LG201 & LG502)
Multimedia Laboratory
Multi-purpose Learning Centre
Visiting Scholars Flats
Sports Facilities

Financial Assistance

Shaw College Financial Assistance Scheme 2022/23 
Exchange Programme Bursary & Loan 2022/23 
Deferment of Tuition and Hostel Fees Payment 
Shaw College Anti-epidemic Relief Grant Scheme 


Donation for Scholarships / College Development / Student Development / Bursaries

Grants and Funding

Conference Grant
Social Fund

Scholarships and Awards

Sir Run Run Shaw Gold Medal 2022/23 
Shaw College Young Scholars 2022/23 (Scholarship for overseas postgraduate study) 
Mrs. Choy Wei Oi Yuk Memorial Scholarship 2022/23 
Community Service Awards 2022/23 
Awards / Scholarships for Student Activity 2022/23 
Outstanding Student Society Awards 2022/23 
Shaw College Alumni Association Scholarship for Service to Alumni 2022/23 
Talent Awards 2022/23 
Mrs. Tsao Chan Wai Ping Memorial Scholarship 2022/23 
Language Prizes 2022/23 
Mr. Henry Wong Memorial Student Awards 2022/23 
Shaw College Global Exposure Award Scheme
Reaching Out Award (ROA) 2022/23 (Application Deadline :  4:00pm, 16 January 2023)
Excellence Award 2022/23
Ms. Wong Wai-ling Scholarships 2022/23 
Lam Kin Chung - Ikeda Scholarships 2022/23  
Student Exemplary Awards 2022/23 
Shaw College Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year 2022/23

Student Development

(2023 Summer Break and 2023/24 Term 1) Caring Heart Community Service Project Scheme
(2023 Summer Break Projects Application Deadline: 8 March 2023; 2023/24 Term 1 Projects Application Deadline: 31 May 2023)
Shaw College – Make a Wish Scheme 2022/23 2nd Round (Application Deadline:  13 February 2023)
Exchange Progammes 2020-2021 (Application Deadline: 12:00 noon, 1 November 2019)