Background and Objectives

In early 2012, Ms. Fong Yim-fun (commonly known as “Sister Fong”) approached Professor Joseph J.Y. Sung, Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and expressed her wish to donate her personal collection to the University. Professor Sung invited Professor Andrew C. F. Chan, Head of Shaw College to join him to meet Ms. Fong to determine the details. Ms. Fong was a very popular Cantonese opera actress of her time. Despite the fact that she has been retired for over fifty years, Ms. Fong still intently follows Cantonese opera. During the past conversations, Ms. Fong mentioned the importance of inheriting Cantonese opera art and expressed a desire to help. She is confident and trusts that the Chinese University can help propagate Cantonese opera. Subsequently in September 2012, Ms. Fong’s generous donation led to the formation of “The Art of Fong Yim Fun Sustainability Project.” In August 2014, the Fong Yim Fun Art Gallery was formally opened.


  1. By taking related college general education course and participating in community service, students are able to understand the artistic and social meaning of Cantonese opera as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, therefore promote and develop the art form to its best, and fulfill the mission of its sustainability.
  2. The establishment of Fong Yim Fun Art Sustainability Gallery showcases the artefacts from Ms. Fong Yim-fun and other distinguished figures of Cantonese opera. By offering guided tours of the gallery, the public can learn more and understand better the art of Cantonese opera, and achieve its sustainability.
  3. Through talks, performances, exhibitions on Cantonese opera, people can further understand the width and depth of the said activities, and commence sustainability work.
  • Background and Objectives
  • Background and Objectives