Events and Services

Community Services

Echoing the spirit of Ms. Fong Yim-fun to serve the needy, the College has co-organized visits to outside organisations, with the participation of students, volunteers and friends of the College. Besides bringing happiness to the people we served, the visits also promote Cantonese opera.

Services are usually organized near Chinese traditional festivals, e.g. Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese New Year.


Public Lectures

Since the Project was established, a series of public lectures on Fong’s singing style and Cantonese opera inheritance were held. Cantonese opera researchers, veteran Cantonese opera musicians and performers, and artists who had performed with Ms. Fong, etc., were invited to share. Besides analyzing and sharing on various topics of Cantonese opera, the lectures also explored ways to sustain Cantonese opera.


Tolo Lyrics Cantonese Operatic Song Fund-Raising Singing Concert

The College has a tradition of holding Cantonese opera concert since 1996. Every year, members and friends of the College gather to perform. Special guest performers are invited too. The concerts have been widely supported by Cantonese opera lovers and full houses were recorded.


External Liaison

To achieve one of the project objectives: sustaining Cantonese opera, there have been exchanges and experience sharing with related organizations from local or overseas. It also targets to explore future cooperation opportunities.