Mental Wellness and Emotional Support

The College very much cares about the wellbeing of students and provides a range of programmes and professional support to help students improve their overall wellbeing, manage stress and develop resilience.

Healthy Brain Healthy Mind Project was initiated in hope of helping students to be stress-free, and to realize peace and happiness within themselves. With these goals in mind, the College organizes various stress-relieving activities to promote self-awareness and resilience.

The following are examples:

  • Mindfulness Nagomi Pastel Art Workshop
  • Meditation Workshop
  • Space-out Meditation Workshop
  • Zen Eat Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Mental WellnessMindfulness Nagomi Pastel Art Workshop
  • Mental WellnessMeditation Workshop
  • Mental WellnessSpace-out Meditation Workshop
  • Mental WellnessZen Eat Vegetarian Cuisine

【G.Y.M.? Grow Your Mind!】Episode 1: Mindfulness, Consciousness & Meditation

【G.Y.M.? Grow Your Mind!】Episode 2: Breathing as a Meditation Tool

【G.Y.M.? Grow Your Mind!】Episode 3: Sound as a Meditation Tool

【G.Y.M.? Grow Your Mind!】Episode 4: Mindfulness in Everyday Life

【G.Y.M.? Grow Your Mind!】Episode 5: Deep Relaxation Exercise

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Tel: 3943 1549 / 3943 1684 / 3943 7359
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Whatever difficulties and challenges you are going through, we are here to be with you! Simply contact us for support and help with settling into university life, coping with stress, emotional disturbances, and other personal challenges.

Mental Wellness

For individual support service, please contact:

Ms. Stella Wong
3943 7359

If you urgently need support outside office hours, you may access the 24-hour Emotional Support Hotline Service for CUHK Students at 5400 2055.

Other source of support at the University

CUHK Office of Student Affairs
Wellness and Counselling Centre (Telephone: 3943 7208 / 3943 3493)