180 Degree Shawpan

Volunteer Teaching & Cultural Exchange

Japanese culture and etiquettes are always being neglected and caused misunderstanding. 180 Degree Shawpan attempted to bridge the cultural gap with tutorial videos on basic etiquette in different occasions. On the other hand, they became volunteers to teach English in secondary schools in Osaka and Tokyo to improve the English proficiency and cultural intelligence of Japanese youngsters.

Reflection and Learning

“We stepped out of our comfort zone in this trip, not only did we learn from our experience while interviewing strangers on the street, but also from the process of volunteer teaching in Japanese schools. We observed the difference in the education system and students’ behaviour between Japan and Hong Kong, which gave us a new insight into Japanese culture. We enhanced our interpersonal skills and became better prepared for the challenges ahead.”
-Members of “180 Degree Shawpan”