Hong Kong Dance Company - Art Education Theatre ALL ABOUT THE THREE KINGDOMS

The Hong Kong Dance Company has organized a guided tour of the dance performance "All About The Three Kingdoms", with lively guided tours and interactive sessions for audience to learn to appreciate dance. You can also jump into the historical moment when heroes are fighting for hegemony, and read the excerpts from the original dance drama  "Guan Yu Riding Alone", "Taoyuan Yiyi", etc., to feel the romance of heroes in their times.

Venue:       Shatin Town Hall Auditorium
Date:          5 or 6 August 2022 (Friday or Saturday) 7:45pm

Fee:            $30 (non-refundable)

Online Application:       https://bit.ly/3wfG6X0

Application Deadline:   24 June 2022 (Friday)