Memorable Journey with Elders with Dementia (Outstanding Service Project – Silver Award)

Elderly with Dementia
Working Partner
Christian Family Service Centre

Dementia undermines patients’ cognitive and emotional-control abilities in its early stage, disturbing patients’ daily lives. Simple tasks will become difficult to handle with gradual exacerbation of patient’s condition. This programme aims at delaying the deterioration of cognitive abilities through activities such as home visiting and cleaning, daily tasks simulation, colouring and making dumplings. Such activities allow participants to interact with the elderly and help increasing patients’ understanding of their surroundings.

Reflection and Learning

“Our project name means that although we cannot undergo the same difficulties the patients are facing, our understanding of the patients and their conditions is deepened. After spending time with the patients, our respect on the patients developed. We admire the positive attitude of the elderly, especially how they are willing to learn new skills and adapt to new environment. We understand more about their needs, to think from their perspective and are capable to take action to help now. It is like going through the difficult journey together with the elderly and our hearts are bonded together.”