Project ICE

Environmental Conservation

Members of “Project ICE” studied issues of global warming and glacier retreat in Iceland. They visited various sites such as power companies, museums, ice cave to better understand the issues. They stayed at homestay to experience sustainable lifestyle. They hope to promote environmental protection and encourage people to contribute at personal, community and governmental levels. After their return from Iceland, they had consolidated their learning and submitted recommendation to the Environment Bureau in Hong Kong.

Reflection and Learning

“Throughout the trip, I think what I accomplished most would be my learning in environmental protection as I had directly experienced the impact caused by global warming. Our wish was achieved, but we definitely would not stop here. I would be more conscious about the issue of environmental protection. I would promote these new ideas to my friends and colleagues in order to deal with this huge problem in the next few decades. Also, the project reminded me to realize my dreams, no matter how ridiculous it could be. After all, I have already achieved one of my dreams, why can’t I work on the rest?”
-Bentley LIU