The Shaw Prize Lecture in Mathematical Sciences 2023

The Shaw Prize Lecture 2023The Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences 2023 is awarded in equal shares to Professor Vladimir DRINFELD and Professor Shing-Tung YAU for their contributions related to mathematical physics, to arithmetic geometry, to differential geometry and to Kähler geometry. 
Professor DRINFELD's work is a pillar of arithmetic geometry which is at the core of new developments in the field. Professor YAU’s work on the fusion of geometry and analysis, now known as geometric analysis, has had a deep and lasting impact on both mathematics and theoretical physics.

During the Shaw Prize Lecture, the laureates will elaborate on their works and answer questions from the audience.

Date: 13 November 2023 (Monday)
Time: 5:00pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre, Shaw College, CUHK
Language: English
Target: Students, Staff, Alumni and the Public
Online Application:

Registration Deadline: 8 November 2023 (Wednesday)
Enquiry: Ms. Kanna CHAN (3943 7356 /
* Coach to Shaw College leaves University Station exit A at 4:20p.m. and 4:40p.m.