Sharings from 2022/23 Scholars

WONG, Hoi-wing Queenie (MBChB)
Recipient of Sir Run Run Shaw Gold Medal 2022-23

As an aspiring clinician-scientist with a passion for neuroscience, especially neurosurgery and neuro-oncology, I am very grateful for all the opportunities throughout the years which allow me to pursue academic excellence and develop leadership skills to contribute to society.

Firmly believing that research is the key to revolutionising clinical management for patients and improving their survival and quality of life, I pursued an intercalated MSc in Research Medicine and studied brain tumours in CUHK. It has not only enabled me to conduct rigorous research, but also opened the door to diverse opportunities, including research and clinical attachments in both developing and developed countries.

Through these experiences, I realise the need to raise public awareness of neurological and psychological health. Therefore, I founded the Hong Kong Student Association of Neuroscience (HKSAN) with other medical students in Hong Kong, aiming to connect and inspire Hong Kong students for the advancement and popularisation of neuroscience through scientific research, clinical experience, and public health. In addition, being a founding committee member of the Hong Kong Association of Clinicians in Training (HKACT), I would love to give back to the medical student community through fostering medical education and our preparation for career development.

It is my great honour to receive the Sir Run Run Shaw Gold Medal 2022-2023. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Shaw College, Faculty of Medicine, family, friends, and everyone who has supported me all along. I am sure that, to me, to you, to everyone in university and beyond, our roads will always be filled with challenges. However, let’s always engrave this on our hearts – ‘Don’t limit our challenges. Challenge our limits.’ With that in mind, we will embrace all the meaningful adventures ahead and enjoy the amazing scenery along the journey.

CHAN, Sum-to Sam (Government and Public Administration)
Recipient of Student Exemplary Awards 2022-23

As a student majoring in Government and Public Administration, the route to be admitted by my dream programme has never been plain sailing. I chose a risky path by spending 2 arduous years in the community college studying politics and finally entered CUHK through the senior year admission scheme.

After making my dream comes true, I discovered that the learning experience in one of the most historic departments in Hong Kong focusing on politics was a fantastic adventure and must be an unforgettable memory of my life. Not only did the class discussions during the renowned small-class interactive tutorials encourage each to think and react in a fast-paced but also the collision of ideas among classmates further facilitated me to examine political phenomena from an innovative perspective. Meanwhile, the distance among and between students and teaching staff was absolutely close in a small-scale department. After attending the lectures and tutorials, it was not uncommon to see a group of students and professors going to have a meal together. During the lunch, the discussions could be ranged from continuing the content of classes to even discussing the recent performance of different football teams. These pieces of special experience have nurtured me to become an open-minded person.

Gaining from the ups and downs in my early life, the most frightening thing is not failure but refusing to accept failure. Only learning and recovering them, I believe that it will make us stronger and finally embrace our long-awaited success. This has laid down a solid foundation for me when encountering any difficulty and pursuing postgraduate studies in Chicago in the coming year. At last, really hope that your smile would not be lost and stay gold!

CHOY, Ming-yan (Integrated BBA)
Recipient of Student Exemplary Awards 2022-23

I major in International Business and Chinese Enterprise. The programme offers the typical fundamentals of business studies and a lot more. That includes a one year exchange opportunity in the United States and connections with aspiring as well as active business and finance professionals in the students and alumni network. The unique learning environment tends to my interests in travelling and building relationships with diverse individuals, where both allow me to take time to reflect upon myself.

Life of a business student is full of competitions and too many goals to chase. While I definitely do not have my life all figured out and is just as overwhelmed at times like all fellow students, I did gather the importance to "Know Thyself". Surely we will not know what will work out best for us while we are still exploring different options in life. Nevertheless, it is through understanding our own values, fears and capabilities that we could choose to do what we love and be proud of our achievements, instead of letting the surrounding competition steer our directions. I believe our freshmen and fellow students will be finding a lot of inspirations and distractions in the dynamic environment of the college and university. And I truly wish we could all lead a fruitful student life through knowing ourselves.

LEUNG Tsz-chung (Biology)
Recipient of Student Exemplary Awards 2022-23

It has always been my belief that being able to find your passion is a stroke of luck. So, if you guys are fortunate enough to do so, please believe in yourself and keep pursuing it. For me, biology is a fascinating subject. Through my journey of studying biology, I have learnt to admire the world we live in. Although the differences in DNA between humans are only less than 1%, we all are unique, and we can shine in our own way. Studying biology has sparked my curiosity about our planet and I want to explore the mysteries behind cells, humans, and the ecosystem. I hope I can keep my faith and keep exploring different paths in the future.

On the other hand, during my past few years in university, I have found that community service is also where my passion belongs to. I have participated in various service events, and I am so grateful to gain recognition from college by getting the community service awards in the last two years consecutively. There are many underprivileged groups in our community and they deserve more attention and caring from us, such as those who are physically or visually impaired. I hope each of us can contribute to caring for the underprivileged. During the process, I believe you guys can also gain or learn something.

Please spare no effort when you find something that you are passionate about. I believe all of you guys can blaze your very own path in the future.

WANG, Jia-hao (Financial Technology)
Recipient of Student Exemplary Awards 2022-23

How would you define engineering students? What are the common characteristics of engineering students? Such questions frequently arise unexpectedly from those around me during my freshman year. It's inevitable for humans to disregard others’ judgments, a trait I find in myself as well. In all honesty, almost everyone from other faculties holds misconceptions about us until they truly grasp the 'truth'. After first two years of studying, I've come to recognize that truth.
"Learning is the foundation of everything." Learning is a persistent process that lays the groundwork for innovation. Despite achieving relatively decent academic results and being accustomed to studying, I'm always ready to assist my classmates in overcoming challenges. I have an eagerness to learn through studying. This adaptation has pushed me to transition from introversion to extroversion and to embrace challenges beyond CUHK. This is why I've chosen to attend McGill University for an exchange program and participate in more volunteering activities to support others.
For, as I've grown more mature, my recent motto has become "Life is about moments." Nothing is truly permanent. I've begun to savour and cherish every moment I share with my friends, family, peers, teachers, mentors, and even acquaintances.
To my fellow freshmen or other Shaw students, it is going by too fast in university life. Every summer, I find myself wishing I could navigate through time and alter the past and present in my own life, much like the 21-year-old boy Tim in "About Time". The university is likely the last phase where you can relish boundless freedom before stepping into society. The opportunities presented here aren't bestowed freely. However, once you pinpoint your direction and ignite a passion for life, your determination and enthusiasm will pave the path to success.

CHENG, Foon-yu (Pharmacy)
Recipient of Student Exemplary Awards 2022-23

To a certain extent, education is a way to encourage us to explore life and learn various valuable skills from our past experiences. Thus, learning is an essential path to gain different life skills for our growth.

As a pharmacy student, it is our responsibility to have a good understanding of medicine and process comprehensive learning to the details of medications. In addition, we are responsible for the contribution to the community with our medical knowledge and make a positive impact on society, especially healthcare issues. 

In fact, I encountered many difficulties and problems during my learning process. The truth is, when I was tired and exhausted, I tried to run away. I attempted to give up when I felt frustrated. However, a motto from Winston Churchill: “stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” inspired me and changed my mindset. From these experiences, I realized that the real cause of failure is self-denial. Even when we face problems, persistence is the ability to keep working towards a goal despite challenges which is of utmost importance to overcome obstacles. As a result, it initiates us to create our own ways to rectify the barriers. Undoubtedly, the difficulty of learning is not comparable to the difficulty of living. Therefore, if we can realize the importance of persistence from the study which is very useful for us to encounter the difficulties in the coming future. Truly, persistence can strengthen self-reliance and it must become an essential part of our lives. 

Finally, as a student at Shaw College, I am glad that the College has offered many supportive activities, including extracurricular activities, lectures, and various programs, to enhance our all-rounded development. It is grateful that Shaw College can give me the courage to take on challenges and pursue my goal. I truly believe that the freshmen and fellow students can have a fruitful academic journey in Shaw College.